Samira Abbasi

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This work proposes feature extraction of lung sounds using wavelet coefficients and their classification by neural network and support vector machines. The lung sounds were classified into 6 classes. The results stated the advantages of a support vector machines for the classification of normal and abnormal lung sounds, and indicated that SVMs are a highly(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple sclerosis is accompanied by secondary clinical signs such as insomnia. Considering the side effects of drugs and also increasing acceptability of psychotherapy methods in health systems, we aimed to determine the effect of group cognitive behavioral therapy on the quality of sleep in women with multiple sclerosis in 2014. METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVE Intra-peritoneal administration of riluzole has been shown to preserve the membrane properties and firing characteristics of Purkinje neurons in a rat model of cerebellar ataxia induced by 3-acetylpyridine (3-AP). However, the exact mechanism(s) by which riluzole restores the normal electrophysiological properties of Purkinje neurons is not(More)
BACKGROUND One of the factors that could influence the quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis, which is usually overlooked, is its psychological aspects. Considering the increasing acceptance of complementary medicine in the health system, this study was designed and conducted to determine the effect of group cognitive therapy on the stress,(More)
INTRODUCTION Purkinje Cell (PC) output displays a complex firing pattern consisting of high frequency sodium spikes and low frequency calcium spikes, and disruption in this firing behavior may contribute to cerebellar ataxia. Riluzole, neuroprotective agent, has been demonstrated to have neuroprotective effects in cerebellar ataxia. Here, the spectral(More)
Introduction: A child afflicted with facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate usually affects their parents, because of difficulties in nutrition, speech, aesthetics and social connections, and also imposing a lot of stress on them. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a happiness program on the perceived stress in the mothers of(More)
BACKGROUND Birth of a child with cleft lip and palate, as a crisis, can affect family relationships and interactions seriously and hence self-esteem in family members. The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of a happiness training program on self-esteem in the mothers of children with cleft lip and palate. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this(More)