Samir Souidi

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BACKGROUND We utilized multiple recruitment approaches to recruit IDUs in a longitudinal cohort study to examine HIV incidence and behavior change pre- and post-introduction of comprehensive HIV prevention services. METHODS IDUs were recruited through peer referral, targeted outreach by outreach workers (ORWs) and as walk-in clients at drop-in centers.(More)
has been used almost exclusively in quantitative research. Here, we will outline some examples from experience (see sidebar) and some approaches to consider when implementing self-administered ICT questionnaires in developing countries. User Interface Design When providing a technology solution for a literate or semi-literate population, certain key steps(More)
BACKGROUND Audio-Computer Assisted Self- Interview (ACASI) is a method of data collection in which participants listen to pre-recorded questions through headphones and respond to questions by selecting their answers on a touch screen or keypad, and is seen as advantageous for gathering data on sensitive topics such as experiences of violence. This paper(More)
We describe building an avatar-based self-report data collection tool to be used for a specific HIV prevention research project that is evaluating the feasibility and acceptability of this novel approach to collect self-reported data among youth. We discuss the gathering of requirements, the process of building a prototype of the envisioned system, and the(More)
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