Samir R. Dutta

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of Mycobacterium ulcerans infections in Zaire, including the report of new foci. ulcer disease prevalence in Benin, West Africa: associations with land use/cover and identifi cation of disease clusters. To the Editor: Cholera outbreak reports are of international public health interest, especially in areas that were previously cholera free (1). Although(More)
We used multilocus sequence typing and variable number tandem repeat analysis to determine the clonal origins of Vibrio cholerae O1 El Tor strains from an outbreak of cholera that began in 2009 in Papua New Guinea. The epidemic is ongoing, and transmission risk is elevated within the Pacific region.
and thus similar to those in our study. In addition, resistances to cipro-fl oxacin and ceftriaxone were <10%. Multidrug resistance (resistance to ampicillin, trimethoprim/sulfame-thoxazole, and chloramphenicol) was observed in 63% of children in our study, compared with 7% in India, 22% in Vietnam, and 65% in Pakistan (8–10). More effort is needed in(More)
BACKGROUND Cholera is newly emergent in Papua New Guinea but may soon become endemic. Identifying the risk factors for cholera provides evidence for targeted prevention and control measures. METHODS We conducted a hospital-based case-control study to identify cholera risk factors. Using stool culture as the standard, we evaluated a cholera point of care(More)
blockade (5). Other opportunistic infections that have been reported in clinical trials include Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia, herpes zoster, EBV hepatitis, tuberculosis, and asymptomatic Mycobacterium avium– intracellulare (6–10). Thus, CMV disease should be considered when patients receiving tocilizumab have febrile syndromes. et al. Treatment of(More)
BACKGROUND In October 2004, Manam Island volcano in Papua New Guinea erupted, causing over 10 000 villagers to flee to internally displaced person (IDP) camps, including 550 from Dugulaba village. Following violence over land access in March 2010, the IDPs fled the camps, and four months later concurrent outbreaks of acute watery diarrhea and unusual(More)
Undesirable burrs are created in most of the machining processes. A burr is a plastically deformed material that remains attached at the workpiece edges after machining, and must be removed for making the parts to function effectively. The main objective of the present work is to explore the suitable condition to obtain minimum or negligible burr around the(More)
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