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OBJECTIVE The Department of Health's Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme (ERPP) started a spread and adoption scheme of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) throughout England. In preparation for widespread adoption the ERPP wished to obtain expert consensus on appropriate outcome measures for ERAS, emerging techniques being widely adopted and(More)
OBJECTIVES The study hypothesis is to assess correlation of breast specimen weight versus volume. DESIGN Consecutive patients undergoing breast surgery at a single tertiary referral centre during a 6-month period were included. Specimen weight was measured in grams. Direct volume measurements were performed using water displacement. Data including side of(More)
We report an unusual complication of left-sided diaphragmatic plication, namely bleeding from the spleen due to tearing of adhesions between the spleen and the abdominal aspect of the diaphragm. We believe that making a small incision in the diaphragm prior to the plication to identify and divide the adhesions could have prevented the complication, and that(More)
Renal transplantation is an established method of treating end-stage renal failure. Whilst the majority of procedures follow a standard technique, vascular anomalies may pose intraoperative challenges and, therefore, careful preoperative assessment is warranted. We present a unique, complex case compounded by complete absence of iliac arteries in the left(More)
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