Samir Ouelha

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This paper presents an improved signal reconstruction method based on a new inverse short-time Fourier transform (ISTFT) estimator. The main challenge addressed in this study is to design a more computationally efficient algorithm called exact formal approach (EFA) which overcomes the drawbacks of the popular overlap and add (OLA) and least squares (LS)(More)
This paper presents a new advanced methodology for designing high resolution time–frequency distributions (TFDs) of multicomponent nonstationary signals that can be approximated using piece-wise linear frequency modulated (PW-LFM) signals. Most previous kernel design methods assumed that signals auto-terms are mostly centered around the origin of the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of direction of arrival (DOA) estimation and blind source separation (BSS) for nonstationary signals in the underdetermined case. These two problems are strongly related to the mixing matrix estimation problem. To deal with the nonstationary characteristics of signals, this study uses high-resolution quadratic time-frequency(More)
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