Samir Kumar Sarkar

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Effects of partial replacement of soybean meal with roasted guar korma and supplementation of mannanase on performance and carcass traits of commercial broiler chickens, Veterinary World 6(9): 693-697 Introduction [6]. The deleterious effects attributed to the trypsin inhibitors [7], have been an issue of contradiction Guar (Gyamopsis tetragonoloba) is a(More)
The structure and photophysical properties of a new triad (borane–bithiophene–BODIPY) 1 have been investigated. Triad 1 exhibits unprecedented tricolour emission when excited at the borane centred high energy absorption band and also acts as a selective fluorescent and colorimetric sensor for fluoride ions with ratiometric response. The experimental results(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized by progressive deterioration of respiratory function along with systemic effects which have a great impact on health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Classification of severity of airflow limitation in COPD does not represent the clinical consequences of COPD. Hence, combined COPD(More)
The design and synthesis of two structurally close and complementarily fluorescent boron based molecular siblings 2 and 3 are reported. The luminescence properties of individual triads are modulated to complement each other by controlling the intramolecular energy transfer in 2 and 3. The binary mixture of 2 and 3 emits white-light.
Three new triarylborane conjugated dicyanovinyl chromophores (Mes2B-π-donor-DCV); donor: N-methyldiphenylamine () and triphenylamine ( and [with two BMes2 substitutions]) of type A-D-A (acceptor-donor-acceptor) are reported. Compounds exhibit intense charge transfer (CT) absorption bands in the visible region. These absorption peaks are combination CT bands(More)
System designers of today, in view of cutting more and more costs are using integrated circuits, which are unique to their application. In the present work, the main intention is to improve the density of integration to a new height by integrating the Individual components of a typical mobile system into a semi-custom VLSI solution. Further, several error(More)
The design, synthesis and aggregation-induced emission properties of a new series of triarylborane-oligothiophene-dicyanovinyl (DCV) conjugates 4-6 (A-D-A' type molecular configuration) are reported. The optical properties of 4-6 can be modulated by judiciously varying the number of thiophene units between electron deficient boryl and dicyanovinyl units.(More)
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