Samir Kumar Pandey

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— Contemporary exploration of all stages of service models clearly proves the immense significance of " Security in Cloud Computing " , which being as obtuse as it is pertinent, demands attention. An analysis of recent studies depicts certain useful approaches for the fulfilment of security objective; however, these advancements are largely inconsistent(More)
Currently, there is an increasing demand for more rigorous and systematic approaches to develop security critical software systems across the globe. The complexity of the software system is rapidly raising due to the inclusion of properties like security and reliability. The process of software development complicates with the raising complexity of the(More)
Bioinformatics is faced with accelerating increase of data set sizes originating from powerful high-throughput measuring devices. Extensive computational power is the basic requirement for solving problems in bioinformatics. One of the key solutions to time-efficient data processing is the proper implementation of computational intensive tasks using(More)
The importance and real potential of security in Requirements Engineering (RE) is now being well recognized. The inclusion of security controls and measures during the requirements phase helps to design, implement, develop and maintain secure and cost effective software. Security testing is one of the prominent techniques to reveal defects in the(More)
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