Samir K. Sadhukhan

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a r t i c l e i n f o Security breaches adversely impact profit margins, market capitalization and brand image of an organization. Global organizations resort to the use of technological devices to reduce the frequency of a security breach. To minimize the impact of financial losses from security breaches, we advocate the use of cyber-insurance products.(More)
—In real-life scenario where users mostly know their destinations a priori, their movement is not purely random (as assumed in random walk model); rather it is somewhat direction-based and depends on the present location and the final destination. For instance, an office goer often returns home in the evening (i.e., mobility is diurnal). While no existing(More)
Search in cyclic AND/OR graphs was traditionally known to be an unsolved problem. In the recent past several important studies have been reported in this domain. In this paper, we have taken a fresh look at the problem. First, a new and comprehensive theoretical framework for cyclic AND/OR graphs has been presented, which was found missing in the recent(More)
Keywords: Dynamic spectrum management Decision support system Cooperative game theory Bankruptcy game Shapley value t-value a b s t r a c t Next generation wireless technologies offer various services from voice call to full motion pictures and even to high speed internet access. Consequently, the service providers (SP) armed with different wireless(More)
Security breaches deter e-commerce activities. Organizations spend millions of dollars on security appliances to make online transactions more secure. Nonetheless, a new virus or a clever hacker can easily compromise these deterrents and cause losses of millions of dollars annually. To reduce the impact of such losses, e-risk insurance is a viable(More)
3G Cellular networks typically consist of a group of NodeBs connected to a Radio Network Controller (RNC), and a group of RNCs to a Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSNs) as well as to a Mobile Switching Centre (MSCs). Post deployment planning of such network is to re-plan the connectivity among the above mentioned network elements with an objective to minimize(More)