Samir I. Ghabbour

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The soil fauna of 23 sites in the Mariut region, west of Alexandria, Egypt, was sampled monthly or seasonally for periods of 1,5–2.5 years. These sites range from unutilized littoral sand dunes, to free-grazing pasture, to low- and high-intensity dry farming, to irrigated agriculture. The average population densities of the encountered taxa were compared by(More)
Soil mesofauna (sensu Ghilarov, i.e., larger than 1 mm) was sampled from under four shrub species (Lygos raetam, Thymelaea hirsuta, Lycium shawii, and Josonia candicans) growing on the littoral oolitic sand dunes at Gharbaniat, 53 km W of Alexandria, Egypt, for a period of more than 30 months, spanning 3 years. Population density (PD) was calculated in(More)
A total of 144 Kg of strawberry and 38 soil samples, representing two types of farming production e.g. conventional (C), organic (O), was collected from (Bilbeis and AL-Salhia, New AL-Sharqiya governorate) Egypt. Pesticides residues were determined by gas chromatography with mass selective detector (GC-MSD). This method used to determine 86 pesticide(More)
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