Samir Farkh

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The U-Th method, also called series method of uranium, is improved by a new experimental protocol and successfully applied to the impure calcite (with uranium concentration <0,05 dpm/g) which was previously difficult to be dated accurately. Our experiments performed on 15 calcite samples taken from France and Morocco, have highlighted the importance of this(More)
We give in this paper a purely syntactical definition of input and output types of system F . We define the syntactical data types as input and output types. We show that any type with positive quantifiers is a syntactical data type and that an input type is an output type. We give some restrictions on the ∀-elimination rule in order to prove that an output(More)
We presente in this note a completeness result for the types with positive quantifiers of the J.-Y. Girard type system F . This result generalizes a theorem of R. Labib-Sami (see [3]). Abridged English Version. The F type system have been introduced by J.-Y. Girard (see [1]). This system is based on the second order intuitionistic propositional calculus,(More)
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