Samir Elloumi

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. The potentials of formal concept analysis (FCA) for information retrieval (IR) have been highlighted by a number of research studies since its inception. The growth of the web has favoured the emergence of new search applications. In this paper, we will focus on the unique features of FCA for searching in distributed information and for reducing the size(More)
In this paper, we introduce the notion of a real set as an extension of a crisp and a fuzzy set by using sequences of intervals as membership degrees, instead of a single value in 1⁄20; 1 . We also propose, to extend the notion of Galois connection in a real binary relation as well as the notions of rectangular relation, formal concept and Galois lattice.(More)
Associative classification is a supervised classification method. Many experimental studies have shown that associative classification is a promising approach. There are several associative classification approaches. However, the latter suffer from a major drawback: the huge number of the generated classification rules which takes efforts to select the best(More)
Galois connection in crisp binary relations has proved to be useful for several applications in computer science. Unfortunately, data is not always presented as a crisp binary relation but may be composed of fuzzy values, thus forming a fuzzy binary relation. This paper aims at defining the notion of fuzzy galois connection corresponding to a fuzzy binary(More)