Samir Chouali

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We propose an approach which combines component SysML models and interface automata in order to assemble components and to verify formally their interoperability. So we propose to verify formally the assembly of components specified with the expressive and semi-formal modeling language, SysML. We specify component-based system architecture with SysML Block(More)
An interesting formal approach to specify component interfaces is interface automata based approach, which is proposed by L. Alfaro and T. Henzinger. These formalisms have the ability to model both the input and output requirements of components system. In this paper, we propose a method to enrich interface automata by the semantics of actions in order to(More)
We are interested in verifying dynamic properties of finite state reactive systems under fairness assumptions by model checking. The systems we want to verify are specified through a top-down refinement process.In order to deal with the state explosion problem, we have proposed in previous works to partition the reachability graph and to perform the(More)
In this paper, we propose a formal approach for the design of object-oriented component-based systems using behavioral contracts. This formalism merges interface automata describing communication protocols of components with the semantics of their operations. On grounds of consistency with the object-oriented paradigms, we revisit the notions of incremental(More)
We use the formal method B for specifying interfaces of software components. Each component interface is equipped with a suitable data model defining all types occurring in the signature of interface operations. Moreover, preand postconditions have to be given for all interface operations. The interoperability between two components is proved by using a(More)
One of the principal goal of Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) is to allow the reuse of components in diverse situations without affecting their codes. To reach this goal, it is necessary to propose approaches to adapt a component with its environment when behavioural mismatches occur during their interactions. In this paper, we present a formal(More)
Non-functional requirements of component based systems are important as their functional requirements, therefore they must be considered in components assembly. These properties are beforehand specified with SysML requirement diagram. We specify component based system architecture with SysML block definition diagram, and component behaviors with sequence(More)