Samir Bennani

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Brain serotonin (5HT) and dopamine (DA) turnover were studied at various stages of the reproductive cycle of the female rainbow trout by simultaneous determination by HPLC of neurotransmitters and major related metabolites. An increase of 5HT turnover in telencephalon and hypothalamus and a decrease of DA turnover in pituitary and hypothalamus were observed(More)
The dynamics of catecholamine (CA)-synthesis enzymes have been poorly studied in fish. Tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), the rate-limiting enzyme of CA synthesis has been only studied inin vitro conditions. In the present report thein vivo CA synthesis and the CA metabolism were studied in different regions of the forebrain of the rainbow trout. Levels of(More)
Brain serotonin and dopamine (DA) turnovers in the female rainbow trout were studied at the beginning of the vitellogenesis and related to blood estradiol (E2) levels; pituitary and plasma gonadotropin (GtH) were also assayed. Ovariectomy did not modify brain aminergic turnover. E2 replacement on ovariectomized fish increased hypothalamic DA turnover(More)
We describe a new temporal verification framework for safety and robustness analysis of nonlinear control laws, our target application being a space launcher vehicle. Robustness analysis, formulated as a nonconvex nonlinear optimization problem on admissible trajectories corresponding to piecewise polynomial dynamics , is relaxed into a convex linear(More)
Wireless mesh networks have seen a real progress due of their implementation at a low cost. They present one of Next Generation Networks technologies and can serve as home, companies and universities networks. In this paper, we propose and discuss a new multi-objective model for nodes deployment optimization in M ulti-Radio M ulti-Channel Wireless M esh(More)