Samir Bennani

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We describe a new temporal verification framework for safety and robustness analysis of nonlinear control laws, our target application being a space launcher vehicle. Robustness analysis, formulated as a nonconvex nonlinear optimization problem on admissible trajectories corresponding to piecewise polynomial dynamics , is relaxed into a convex linear(More)
This paper aims to present an online placement test. It is based on the Item Response Theory to provide relevant estimates of learner competences. The proposed test is the entry point of our e-Learning system. It gathers the learner response to a set of questions and uses a specific developed algorithm to estimate its level. This algorithm identifies(More)
Unlike most of proposed solutions that usually consider the overall throughput as the main optimization, Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks has to ensure connectivity, minimize interference level and guarantee an acceptable throughput. This problem must be solved taking into account all the parameters that influence the output of the proposed(More)
Mobile learning seems to meet the growing need for communication, collaboration and obtaining relevant information at the appropriate time. It introduces new activities from real world through the use of mobile and wireless technologies in educational contexts. Thus, reviewing irregular verbs on a bus or organizing a training schedule on Smartphones is(More)
Wireless mesh networks have seen a real progress due of their implementation at a low cost. They present one of Next Generation Networks technologies and can serve as home, companies and universities networks. In this paper, we propose and discuss a new multi-objective model for nodes deployment optimization in M ulti-Radio M ulti-Channel Wireless M esh(More)