Samir Benmoussa

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This paper deals with the integration of robust bondgraph-model-based fault diagnosis (FD) with structural recoverability analysis and fault-tolerant control (FTC) of an intelligent heavy-size and autonomous vehicle, used for loading and routing 20and 40-ft containers inside port terminals. The overactuated vehicle is an omnidirectional mobile platform with(More)
The present paper deals with bond graph model-based for structural component fault detection and isolation. The structural conditions of fault detectability and isolability are obtained directly from the bond graph using the properties of the bicausality and the causal path. It is shown that the monitorability analysis using bond graph is automatically(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to avoid the differentiation problem of the measured position information for velocity estimation when Bond Graph model-based fault detection and isolation is performed on mechatronic systems. The Bond Graph modeling tool is interesting to model mechatronic systems, which commonly contain position sensors in their(More)
This paper presents experimental validation in real time of fault detection and isolation and fault tolerant control algorithms for healthy monitoring of an Omni-directional platform, called Robotino@. The latter is composed of three actuated subsystems. The purpose of using fault diagnosis algorithms is to supervise the safe operating of the system, and to(More)
This paper deals with wavelet decomposition applied to fluid leak detection and isolation in process engineering. The developed algorithm is sensitive to minor leaks and robust to all the disturbances (hydraulic and thermal perturbations) and transient operating modes. The proposed approach is based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) of the sensor(More)
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