Samir Ben Ahmed

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The paper presents a specification technique borrowing features from two classes of specification methods, formal and semi-formal ones. Each of the above methods have been proved to be useful in the development of real-time and critical systems and widely reported in different papers [1], [2]. Formal methods are based on mathematical notations and axiomatic(More)
This paper deals with the problem of scheduling the mixed workload of both homogeneous multiprocessor on-line and off-line periodic tasks in a critical reconfigurable real-time environment by a genetic algorithm. Two forms of automatic reconfigurations which are assumed to be applied at run-time: Addition-Removal of tasks or just modifications of their(More)
In an increasingly competitive international context, companies constantly need to adapt and optimize their industrial tools to increase their productivity by implementing a quality-management system (QMS). Aiming to permanently improve the effectiveness and efficiency performance of organizations, a QMS can be measured against International Standards(More)
A complete conceptual schema must include the definition of all relevant integrity constraints. But such concepts are not used for generating code in practise. In fact, CASE tool vendors have not yet developed a facility to make database designer's work easier when working with relational databases. A lot of tools can generate relational database schemas(More)