Samir Araujo

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We describe an integrative cognitive architecture for human-like, human-level, embodied general intelligence, founded on integrating the OpenCogPrime framework for cognition, language and high-level learning with a hierarchical temporal memory for lower-level perception and action. The core conceptual principle of the architecture is ”cognitive synergy”,(More)
A software architecture is described which enables a virtual agent in an online virtual world to carry out simple English language interactions grounded in its perceptions and actions. The use of perceptions to guide anaphor resolution is discussed, along with the use of natural language generation to answer simple questions about the observed world. This(More)
Interactive Storytelling (IS) is a growing research area that has attracted a large number of researchers in recent years. However, there are few works exploring the perspective of creating IS systems that conduct emergent stories using autonomous intelligent agents as virtual actors. In this paper, we propose a model of a synthetic mind for virtual actors(More)
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