Samir A. M. El-Shazly

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The Precambrian rocks of the El-Bula area include syn-erogenic intrusive granitoids associated with gneisses, metavolcanics and metagabbro-diorite complexes. The metavolcanics range in composition from basalt to basaltic andesite. They show tholeiite affinity and provide unfractionated, flat rare earth element patterns and have geochemical features(More)
Two derivatives of 2-(4-acetylanilino)quinolines (IIIa, b) were synthesized as scaffolds for synthesis of open chalcone analogues (Va-f) through Claisen-Schmidt condensation with a set of aromatic aldehydes (IVa-d). Derivatives (Va, b) were further manipulated into cyclic α,β-unsaturated ketones by Michael-addition of acetylacetone and ethylacetoacetate(More)
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