Samina Chowdhury

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We present chip-level MMSE equalizers for the forward link in CDMA that exploit the underlying channel structure, specifically the fact that the channel impulse response is sparse. The assumption we make is that the channel vector lies in the subspace associated with the pulse shaping filter convolution matrix. We can then project the chiplevel MMSE(More)
This paper deals with synchronous direct-sequence code-divisionmultiple access (CDMA) transmission using orthogonal channel codes in frequency selective multipath, motivated by the forward link in 3GCDMA systems. The chip-level minimummean square error (MMSE) estimate of the (multiuser) synchronous sum signal transmitted by the base, followed by a correlate(More)
|The chip-level MMSE estimate of the (multi-user) synchronous sum signal transmitted by the base-station, followed by a correlate and sum, has been shown to perform very well in the CDMA forward link using orthogonal channel codes. In this paper, adaptive reduced-rank, chip-level MMSE estimation based on the Multi-stage Nested Wiener Filter (MSNWF) is(More)
In recent years, receivers based on channel equalization on the chip-level prior to despreading have been proposed for the 3G wideband CDMA forward link. Of these the chip-level MMSE equalizer has attracted much interest. In this paper, we investigate the performance of training-based MMSE equalizers in moderate to rapid time-varying Rayleigh faded(More)
This work deals with synchronous CDMA transmission using orthogonal channel codes in frequency selective multipath. The motivating application is the Forward Link in 3G CDMA Cellular Systems. In saturated systems, the intra-cell Multi-user Access Interference (MAI) created by the multipath causes the RAKE receiver to yield extremely poor performance. The(More)
Continuous renal replacement therapy necessitates the use of anticoagulation. The anticoagulant of choice has traditionally been heparin. Emerging evidence has highlighted the deleterious effects of systemic heparin anticoagulation in the critically ill. Regional citrate anticoagulation has been used as an alternative in the setting of continuous renal(More)
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