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This paper reports experiences and outcomes of designing and developing an agent-based, autonomous mission control system for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Most UAVs are not truly autonomous or even unmanned but are more correctly termed 'uninhabited' or 'remotely piloted'. This paper explores two quite different approaches for adding autonomous control(More)
Developing software agents has been complicated by the problem of how knowledge should be represented and used. Many researchers have identified that agents need not require the use of complex representations, but in many cases suffice to use “the world” as their representation. However, the problem of introspection, both by the agents themselves and by(More)
This paper presents motivations and current related work in the field of plan learning. Additionally, two approaches that achieve plan learning are presented. The two presented approaches are centred on the BDI framework of agency and have particular focus on plans, which, alongside goals, are the means to fulfil intentions in most pragmatic and theoretical(More)
This article reports on the design, implementation and testing of a mission management system for a small, electric powered UAV the Codarra Avatar. The system was designed and implemented using the agent-programming paradigm, which is a powerful, scalable and flexible framework for building autonomous systems. Specifically, we have used the JACK Intelligent(More)
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