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Computing the frustration index of a signed graph is a key to solving problems in different fields of research including social networks, physics, material science, and biology. In social networks the frustration index determines network distance from a state of structural balance. Although the definition of frustration index goes back to 1960, an exact(More)
In this paper the capacitated hub location problem is formulated by a minimax regret model, which takes into account uncertain setup cost and demand. We focus on hub location with multiple allocations as a strategic problem requiring one definite solution. Investigating how deterministic models may lead to sub-optimal solutions, we provide an efficient(More)
This study presents a novel approach to the vehicle routing problem by focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption aiming to mitigate adverse environmental effects of transportation. A time-dependent model with time windows is developed to incorporate speed and schedule in transportation. The model considers speed limits for different times of(More)
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