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This paper presents a new approach called <i>model-carrying code</i> (MCC) for safe execution of untrusted code. At the heart of MCC is the idea that untrusted code comes equipped with a concise high-level model of its security-relevant behavior. This model helps bridge the gap between high-level security policies and low-level binary code, thereby enabling(More)
The forkhead family protein FOXP3 acts as a repressor of transcription and is both an essential and sufficient regulator of the development and function of regulatory T cells. The molecular mechanism by which FOXP3-mediated transcriptional repression occurs remains unclear. Here, we report that transcriptional repression by FOXP3 involves a histone(More)
Since software systems are becoming increasingly more concurrent and distributed, modeling and analysis of interactions among their components is a crucial problem. In several application domains, message-based communication is used as the interaction mechanism, and the communication contract among the components of the system is specified semantically as a(More)
We propose an approach for incremental modeling of composite Web services. The technique takes into consideration both the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the composition. While the functional requirements are described using symbolic transition systems—transition systems augmented with state variables, function invocations, and guards;(More)
Development of sound approaches and software tools for specification, assembly, and deployment of composite Web services from independently developed components promises to enhance collaborative software design and reuse. In this context, the proposed research introduces a new incremental approach to service composition, MoSCoE (Modeling Web Service(More)
In recent years, cost-sensitive intrusion response has gained significant interest, mainly due to its emphasis on the balance between potential damage incurred by the intrusion and cost of the response. However, one of the challenges in applying this approach is defining a consistent and adaptable measurement of these cost factors on the basis of system(More)
This paper introduces a technique for incremental and compositional model checking that allows efficient reuse of model-checking results associated with the features in a product line. As the use of product lines has increased, so has the need to verify the models used to construct the products in the product line. However, this effort is currently hampered(More)
The proliferation of complex and fast-spreading intrusions not only requires advances in intrusion detection mechanisms but also demands development of sophisticated and automated intrusion response systems. In this paper we present a novel cost-sensitive model for intrusion response that incorporates preemptive deployment of the response actions.(More)
Choreography analysis has been a crucial problem in service oriented computing. Interactions among services involve message exchanges across organizational boundaries in a distributed computing environment, and in order to build such systems in a reliable manner, it is necessary to develop techniques for analyzing such interactions. Choreography conformance(More)