Samieh Abusaad

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Water is one of the most significant destructive contaminations to lubricants which in turn lead to more power consumption and early damage to rotating machines. This study explores the effect of water contents in gearbox lube oil on the responses of electrical supply parameters. A two stage gearbox based mechanical transmission system driven by a(More)
Conventional condition monitoring techniques such as vibration, acoustic, ultrasonic and thermal techniques require additional equipment such as sensors, data acquisition and data processing systems which are expensive and complicated. In the meantime modern sensorless flux vector controlled drives can provide many different data accessible for machine(More)
Motor current signature analysis has been investigated widely for diagnosing faults of induction motors. However, most of these studies are based on open loop drives. This paper examines the performance of diagnosing motor stator faults under both open and closed loop operation modes. It examines the effectiveness of conventional diagnosis features in both(More)
Observer based approaches are commonly embedded in sensorless variable speed drives for the purpose of speed control. It estimates system variables to produce errors or residual signals in conjunction with corresponding measurements. The residual signals then are relied to tune control parameters to maintain operational performance even if there are(More)
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Lubrication oil plays a decisive role to maintain a reliable and efficient operation of gear transmissions. Many offline methods have been developed to monitor the quality of lubricating oils. This work focus on developing a novel online method to diagnose oil degradation based on the measurements from power supply system to the gearbox. Experimental(More)
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