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In order to adopt IT, SMEs need to consider drivers and barriers that can influence the IT adoption success. This paper proposes a guideline to assists SMEs in adopting IT. The guidelines are formulated based on existing literature and authors' experience in assisting Indonesian SMEs. An example of adopting email have been used to illustrate the process.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sometimes acquire information systems that fail to meet their original aims and objectives. In these circumstances, the project sponsors are forced to decide whether they should abandon the system they have paid for or improvise by finding a way around the problem. This paper presents a case study with two Indonesian SMEs(More)
Indonesia ranked 96 out of 191 United Nations' members state in e-government readiness index. Since Indonesia has a great deal of heterogeneity in term of economic development, infrastructure, and human resources quality, we tried to study the state of e-government adoption by looking at local governments. Stanton's framework wais used to evaluate local(More)
We investigated the case of web catalogue deployment failure within Indonesian SMEs as part of our doctoral studies. We explore two theoretical foundations on the term failure, namely Lyytinen and Hirschheim's concept of expectation failure and Sauer's concept of termination failure. We applied them to our case. We analyzed three participants who failed in(More)
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