Samia Trabelsi

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Domestication generally implies a loss of diversity in crop species relative to their wild ancestors because of genetic drift through bottleneck effects. Compared to native Mediterranean fruit species like olive and grape, the loss of genetic diversity is expected to be more substantial for fruit species introduced into Mediterranean areas such as apricot(More)
Adnexal torsion is a current emergency in gynecology because it may compromises young women fertility. We have conducted a retrospective study about 26 adnexal torsion cases managed in B service of C.M.N.T during 4 years (1997-2001). Objective of our study is to improve patient fertility prognosis; we propose a diagnosis and therapeutic attitude which(More)
Tubal carcinoma is rare and its prognosis is poor. His diagnosis before intervention is not easy because clinic is poor and complementary exams not specifics. His treatment is radical surgery by laparoscopy associated with chemotherapy. The prognosis is correlated with cancer stage and residual tumoral volume after surgery. We report a 55 years case who(More)
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