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This paper describes initial efforts in the form of a user research phase as part of a larger project to provide ICT based interventions to farmers in Pakistan to facilitate information dissemination. We conducted face to face interviews with 9 Pakistani farmers and 3 agricultural experts. Our main results show that mobile technology is present but under(More)
Entertainment has recently been shown to be a powerful motivator for mastering new technologies. We therefore set out to use viral entertainment to introduce telephone-based, speech-based services to low-literate people in developing countries. We describe Polly, a simple voice manipulation and forwarding system that went viral in Pakistan last year. Seeded(More)
AIMS To perform a pharmaco-economic analysis of prescribing alternative antibiotics in patients with a diagnostic label of 'penicillin allergy' and assess whether collation of information from a structured history and liaison with the family physician could reduce costs. METHODS A prospective pro-forma-based interview of randomly selected in-patients and(More)
We explore how telephone-based services might be mass adopted by low-literate users in the developing world. We focus on speech and push-button dialog systems requiring neither literacy nor training. Building on the success of <i>Polly</i>, a simple telephone-based voice manipulation and forwarding system that was first tested in 2011, we report on its(More)
This paper highlights some of the challenges associated with the current paper-based immunization health card being used in the Punjab province of Pakistan, and further discusses an iterative approach to redesign this card to be more informative for parents in general with a special focus on a low-literate audience. The discussion builds upon user(More)
Maternal mortality is still a threat for developing countries, and this continues to be true in Pakistan. Though there are global efforts to address maternal health issues using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), studies have not considered this question from the perspective of both medical practitioners and pregnant mothers. Through(More)
This paper explores the use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems for automatic surveys, data validation and prescreening. We report a deployment aimed at employing voice-based, telephone services to conduct automated, structured interviews of low-literate users and to advertise relevant development-related services to them. Survey calls were placed(More)
Routine early age child immunization is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools such as Immunization Information Systems (IIS) to improve efficiency of vaccination programs has shown mixed but encouraging results in terms of success. The objective of this paper is to present(More)
Teachers play a central role in education. However, there are many factors like non-teaching activities given to teachers besides the teaching workload, and the low or insufficient qualification of teachers, which can lower the quality of education imparted by teachers, especially in the developing countries. In this paper, we have proposed a volunteer(More)
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