Samia O Halileh

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The Countdown to 2015 intervention coverage indicators in the occupied Palestinian territory are similar to those of other Arab countries, although there are gaps in continuity and quality of services across the continuum of the perinatal period. Since the mid 1990s, however, access to maternity facilities has become increasingly unpredictable. Mortality(More)
878 Vol 373 March 14, 2009 These guidelines also underline the need for more evidence related to the implementation of home blood-pressure monitoring in clinical settings. More data from population studies and randomised trials are awaited to further support the prognostic value of home blood-pressure monitoring, especially in treated(More)
The objective of this cross sectional study is to look at determinants of birth weight and their association with the gender of the baby in 2,795 full term children living in the occupied Palestinian territory, derived from a stratified random sample of 2,994 households in the West Bank and 2,234 households in the Gaza Strip. The response rate was 85%.(More)
This paper presents the main findings of an analysis linking the dependent variable - anemia in pre-school children - to its determinants, to identify priority groups for action. The study was a cross sectional survey of randomly selected pre-school children 6-59 months (n = 3331) in the occupied Palestinian territory during the current uprising. Anemia (Hb(More)
To compare the nature and determinants of child discipline in Qatar and Palestine among young adults through retrospective survey to develop legislation, policies and interventions for effective prevention of child maltreatment, and educational materials to promote positive discipline among parents and caregivers. Cross-sectional random household surveys(More)
This article describes the nature and extent of non-fatal injuries sustained by Palestinians during the first three months of the second intifada in late 2000 by looking at two sets of data. 10,279 cases were obtained from the records of the Red Crescent Organization, which provides first level emergency care via ambulance crews in the West Bank and Gaza(More)
This study in 2005 aimed to investigate the services available for abused and neglected children in the occupied Palestinian territory. Telephone interviews were conducted with 62 institutions from the government, non-profit and private sectors that dealt with child abuse and neglect, of which 58 provided services. Services offered were mainly in(More)
Child health issues are of high importance in the occupied Palestinian territories, where half of the population are children. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have developed a comprehensive paediatric training programme for primary healthcare providers with the aim of improving child health in the area. The course has taken 8 years to(More)