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RF power performances of GaN-MESFETs are reported using a physics-based model that incorporates dispersion in the output resistance and transconductance due to traps and thermal effects. Calculated I-V characteristics are in excellent agreement with the measured results. Taking thermal effects into account the maximum output power of a 0.3gan x 100arn GaN(More)
Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) has long been and remains the most widely used technique for Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD) measurement. Several manufacturers developed their performance of DXA with various types of measurement software but still not a unique data processing system which can ensure the unique measurement for the patients. The aim of(More)
New output regulated one-switch boost and boost-buck three phase rectifiers are presented in this paper. Proposed three phase ac-dc converters have power factor correction (PFC) and input current shaping facility in one power stage. Use of minimum number of control switch in each proposed circuit reduces conversion circuit components, drivers and drive(More)
The power conversion circuit of a three phase Vienna or Modular-Boost switching power factor corrected (PFC) rectifier uses three controlled switches, eighteen diodes and two output split capacitors. Three PFC controller circuits are necessary for conversion circuit's voltage regulation, power factor control and input current waveform improvement. The(More)
To topologies of single-phase Ćuk AC-DC converters with low input current THD and high input power factor are proposed. Instead of using a single phase rectifier followed by a boost DC-DC converter, or using a bridge rectifier with two diodes and two switches, the rectifier's input is chopped at high frequency during positive and negative cycles by a(More)
A new one-switch three phase power factor corrected (PFC) rectifier is presented in this paper. The proposed 3-phase ac-dc converter is based on Ĉuk topology. Proper feedback control of the circuit can maintain high power factor and low input current total harmonic distortion (THD). Use of minimum number of control switch in the proposed power(More)
An input switch based modular Single Ended Primary Inductor (SEPIC) three phase AC-DC converter is proposed in this paper. The proposed rectifier has the advantage of step-up/down voltage gain with boost input stage. Input boost stage allows input current shaping accompanied by power factor correction. The topology will also provide possible capacitive(More)
Most of the known encoding schemes for Bengali language have a common drawback. That is characters order in the encoding scheme is different than the linguistic order. As a result, sorting of Bengali texts as per encoded value does not sort them in correct linguistic order. Even if Bengali characters are encoded in linguistic order, because of special(More)
A single phase new type AC-DC converter based on SEPIC topology has been proposed in this paper which has power factor correction and input current shaping facilities. The proposed rectifier is input switched and utilizes a bidirectional switch at the input. The rectifier gives buck-boost voltage gain without polarity reversal. The design has been made(More)