Samia Harrouni

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One of the main task of the grid connected inverter is to derive the maximum available power from a photovoltaic plant, generally performed by a DC-DC converter, under variable irradiance and temperature. The purpose of this paper is to present a low complexity calculation procedure that allows to model the behavior of PV grid connected system at the DC(More)
A new predicting approach of long-term storage capacity for autonomous PV installations has been developed using the rescaled range analysis (R/S). The method consists mainly in establishing a mathematical law between the (R/S)τ ratio and the time period τ . The method has been tested over one year for two autonomous PV systems located in the huge desert of(More)
In the present work, we studied some theoretical models to estimate the components of solar radiation received at ground level. These models take into account the effects of scattering and absorption of solar radiation during its passage through the atmosphere. They are based on the determination of transmission coefficients of different atmospheric(More)
This article deals with fractal analysis of global solar irradiation signals in view to quantify there long range persistence. For this purpose, a new method to measure the fractal dimension of temporal discrete signals ¿rectangular covering method¿ is presented. The fractal dimension is then used as criterion in an approach we have elaborated to detect the(More)
The STC translation methods are used in many applications, such as prediction of energy yield, characterization of PV modules, and translation of current-voltage (I-V) curve from any conditions of temperature and irradiance, to any other conditions of temperature and irradiance. A comparative study has been done in this work to compare and contrast Anderson(More)
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