Sami W. Rifai

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UNLABELLED • PREMISE OF THE STUDY In ecosystems maintained by low-intensity surface fires, tree bark thickness is a determinant of fire-survival because it protects underlying tissues from heat damage. However, it has been unclear whether relatively thick bark i S: maintained at all heights or only near the ground where damage is most likely.• METHODS(More)
The purpose of this work was to screen clinical isolates of actinomycetes producing nonpolyenic antifungals. This choice was made to limit the problem of rediscovery of well-known antifungal families, especially polyenic antifungals. One hundred and ten strains were tested, using two diffusion methods and two test media, against three yeast species and(More)
Despite women earning similar numbers of graduate degrees as men in STEM disciplines, they are underrepresented in upper level positions in both academia and industry. Editorial board memberships are an important example of such positions; membership is both a professional honor in recognition of achievement and an opportunity for professional advancement.(More)
Considerable interest in the relationship between biodiversity and disease has recently captured the attention of the research community, with important public policy implications. In particular, malaria in the Amazon region is often cited as an example of how forest conservation can improve public health outcomes. However, despite a growing body of(More)
Soil carbon sequestration in agroecosystems could play a key role in climate change mitigation but will require accurate predictions of soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks over spatial scales relevant to land management. Spatial variation in underlying drivers of SOC, such as plant productivity and soil mineralogy, complicates these predictions. Recent(More)
Wind disturbance can create large forest blowdowns, which greatly reduces live biomass and adds uncertainty to the strength of the Amazon carbon sink. Observational studies from within the central Amazon have quantified blowdown size and estimated total mortality but have not determined which trees are most likely to die from a catastrophic wind(More)
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