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Predictable initialization vectors in IPsec ESP encryption, allowed by the IPsec specifications and used by most implementations, compromise IPsec confidentiality. By using an adaptive chosen plaintext attack, an attacker can break low entropy plaintext blocks using brute force, and confirm guesses of the contents of arbitrary plaintext blocks. We analyze(More)
Enterprise mobile users are an important user segment benefiting from secure and mobile access to enterprise resources. We discuss the current status of the integration of Mobile IPv4 and IPsec, and discuss issues relevant to enterprise mobile users currently under standardization or not being standardized at all. We conclude that the current standards are(More)
Hardware virtualization allows physical hardware of a single computer to be shared between multiple operating systems in a nearly transparent manner. A virtual machine monitor provides each operating system virtual resources which are backed by physical resources of the hardware. Though increasing system complexity somewhat , hardware virtualization saves(More)
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