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This paper presents large, accurately calibrated and timesynchronised data sets, gathered outdoors in controlled and variable environmental conditions, using an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), equipped with a wide variety of sensors. These include four 2D laser scanners, a radar scanner, a colour camera and an infrared camera. It provides a full description(More)
This paper presents a system for measuring three dimensional surface map of steel billets. The proposed system is used for quality control of the surfaces of the billets. The system is based on camera and a laser stripe generator. The billet is moved in front of the inspection system with an external moving mechanism. Triangulation is used for measuring the(More)
This paper describes how to use signs as a part of the work task scenarios with service robots. The signs are introduced as an alternative or complementary tool for passing information of the task plan of a work task from the human operator to the service robot. The signs can be used for pointing a direction, bounding an area, marking a route, or defining(More)
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