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Visual loss due to optic nerve injury after closed head trauma constitutes a formidable diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for the clinician. Assessment must be made of the site of optic nerve injury, and this is often difficult in the patient with an altered level of consciousness. A decision regarding optic nerve decompression must be formulated, yet(More)
Spontaneous temporal bone cerebrospinal fluid leak may be defined as a leak without an apparent precipitating cause. These transdural fistulas occur rarely, and diagnosis is predicated upon a high index of suspicion. Leaks have been reported through both middle and posterior fossa defects, although the vast majority involve the middle fossa plate. In a(More)
The radial forearm flap is a standard method for the reconstruction of intraoral defects of soft tissues. We report the case of a middle-aged man who developed ischaemia in three fingers after a fasciocutaneous radial flap had been raised. The preoperative Allen test to diagnose occlusion of radial or ulnar artery was satisfactory. Soon after the operation(More)
This presentation describes criteria that we found most helpful in classifying the various proliferative changes of the breast and in separating papillary carcinoma from other benign papillary lesions. The criteria we used are easily understood and extremely reproducible. The true incidence of benign proliferative changes in fibrocystic disease and the(More)
Four men and two women were treated for refractory cluster headache by gamma knife radiosurgery of the trigeminal nerve root entry zone. The maximum dose of radiation was 70 Gy to the isocenter. Of five patients treated who had refractory chronic cluster headache and one with refractory episodic cluster headache, four had relief judged excellent. Of the two(More)
BACKGROUND A carbonated apatite cement (NORIAN SRS) was used as a bone mineral substitute for the calvaria or viscerocranium in 27 patients. It has the consistency of a paste and hardens at physiologic pH and body temperature due to dahllite crystallization, which has the stoichiometric formula Ca(8.8)(HPO(4))(0.7)(PO(4))(4.5)(CO(3))(0.7)(OH)(1.3). (More)
There are many reports on the versatility of the fibular flap, but only a few studies have reported on the morbidity, and none on the nutritive perfusion, of the donor site. This study describes for the first time the quantitative investigation of nutritive perfusion at the donor site after osteomyo-cutaneous fibula transfer. Tissue nutrition of the lower(More)
AIM In the literature currently available monitoring devices are usually divided into two major groups: those for monitoring perfusion and those for measuring tissue oxygenation. The O(2)C (oxygen to see) system combines these two ways of monitoring free flap viability. The aim of this prospective study was to determine the necessity of flap revision and(More)
We describe a patient in whom pneumocephalus appeared spontaneously, resulting from a communication between the bronchial tree and the thoracic subarachnoid space in association with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. The communication was demonstrated by myelography and obliterated surgically. A review of the literature is included.