Sami Swaid

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BACKGROUND A carbonated apatite cement (NORIAN SRS) was used as a bone mineral substitute for the calvaria or viscerocranium in 27 patients. It has the consistency of a paste and hardens at physiologic pH and body temperature due to dahllite crystallization, which has the stoichiometric formula Ca(8.8)(HPO(4))(0.7)(PO(4))(4.5)(CO(3))(0.7)(OH)(1.3). (More)
Spontaneous temporal bone cerebrospinal fluid leak may be defined as a leak without an apparent precipitating cause. These transdural fistulas occur rarely, and diagnosis is predicated upon a high index of suspicion. Leaks have been reported through both middle and posterior fossa defects, although the vast majority involve the middle fossa plate. In a(More)
Four men and two women were treated for refractory cluster headache by gamma knife radiosurgery of the trigeminal nerve root entry zone. The maximum dose of radiation was 70 Gy to the isocenter. Of five patients treated who had refractory chronic cluster headache and one with refractory episodic cluster headache, four had relief judged excellent. Of the two(More)
There are many reports on the versatility of the fibular flap, but only a few studies have reported on the morbidity, and none on the nutritive perfusion, of the donor site. This study describes for the first time the quantitative investigation of nutritive perfusion at the donor site after osteomyo-cutaneous fibula transfer. Tissue nutrition of the lower(More)
We describe a patient in whom pneumocephalus appeared spontaneously, resulting from a communication between the bronchial tree and the thoracic subarachnoid space in association with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung. The communication was demonstrated by myelography and obliterated surgically. A review of the literature is included.
Dental implants have played a part in rehabilitation of the jaws for more than 40 years, but in some cases they alone are inadequate because of extreme alveolar resorption. Correction may necessitate a two-stage procedure with additional interventions. We have made a preliminary study of the use of the Norian skeletal repair system (SRS), a carbonated(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The authors investigated the feasibility and accuracy of intravascular Doppler sonography (IVDS) with a newly developed microprobe. METHODS The known method to determine blood flow velocity by transcutaneous Doppler sonography was transferred to an intravascular usable Doppler probe. With the improved technique, a microprobe(More)
AIM The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of the oxygen-carrying hemoglobin solution DCLHb (diaspirin-crosslinked hemoglobin) on microvascular perfusion and tissue oxygenation in striated skin muscle after the induction of critical ischemia followed by reperfusion. MATERIAL AND METHODS Using intravital fluorescence microscopy the(More)