Sami Surakka

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A source code plagiarism detection engine Plaggie is presented. It is a stand-alone Java application that can be used to check Java programming exercises. Plaggie's functionality is similar with previously published JPlag web service but unlike JPlag, Plaggie must be installed locally and its source code is open. Apparently, Plaggie is the only open-source(More)
The present paper has two parts. The first part is a trend analysis from the period 1990– 2004 and the second part is a cross-sectional analysis from the year 2004. In both parts, the purpose was to find the most common technical skills sought in American job advertisements for software developer positions. Unlike in previous researches, also distributed(More)
The degree requirements of American institutions offering top-level graduate programs in computer science were analyzed. The sample size was 59 institutions for undergraduate and 32 for graduate programs. The purpose was to solve which courses were the most commonly offered in the specializations of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Systems, and Theory. The(More)
In the present paper, a qualitative research of the cognitive skills of experienced software developers is presented. The data for the research was gathered using the Delphi method. The respondents were 11 software developers who have worked at least five years after their graduation. Two questionnaire rounds were conducted. In the first round, the(More)
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