Sami Mahbub

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Snakebites are common in tropical countries like Bangladesh where most snakebite victims dwell in rural areas. Among the management options after snakebite in Bangladesh, snake charmers (Ozha in Bengali language) are the first contact following a snakebite for more than 80% of the victims and they are treated mostly with the help of some medicinal plants.(More)
Anesthetic considerations of 21-mo-old and 4-yr-old sisters with Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome during surgical repair of cleft palate and reduction of macroglossia are presented and discussed. This syndrome is characterized by exomphalos, macroglossia, gigantism, hypoglycemia in infancy, and many other clinical features. This syndrome is also known as(More)
Acute invasive fungal rhinosinusitis (AIFRS) is a potentially fatal infection that usually affects immunocompromised patients. Early diagnosis and treatment, including aggressive surgical debridement, antifungal medication and correction of underlying predisposing factors are essential for recovery. The records of 13 patients histopathologically diagnosed(More)
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