Sami Jantunen

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Due to many success stories, social software received much attention in public and academia. Although it is widely used for business support, its relationship with business process management has not been analysed. The results of the workshop on Business Process Management and Social Software as part of the international conference on Business Process(More)
Today's software organizations need to cope with ever intensifying technical and commercial turbulence. In such environment, the level of market orientation could be the deciding factor determining the future success of a company. The activities bridging market orientation to software product development terminology have commonly been linked to terms such(More)
Market orientation can be shortly defined as gathering, sharing, and using information about "the market" in order to make decisions. Even though existing literature of market orientation stresses the necessity of having all organizational functions participating in establishing market-driven culture, the number of studies taking the perspective of software(More)
The increased popularity of firm-hosted online communities (FOC) has initiated a radical transformation of customer-producer relationships in many industries with important implications for product business and product development. The purpose of this paper is twofold. Firstly, we will introduce a recently established research project focusing on the(More)
Size and complexity of today's software products are continuously growing. This has made it increasingly difficult to decide which features shall be implemented in a product's next version. Consequently, release planning, the process of planning for the next release of an evolving product has been recognized as a wicked problem. Existing studies on wicked(More)
This paper focuses on Firm-Hosted Online Communities (FOC) communities that are hosted by organizations for commercial purposes. The purpose of this paper is twofold. Firstly, we will examine examples of existing FOCs in order to develop a broader view of how FOCs have been utilized in product business. This work results with a dimensional view illustrating(More)