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We make a systematic study of a new combinatorial construction called a dual equivalence graph. We axiomatize these graphs and prove that their generating functions are symmetric and Schur positive. By constructing a graph on ribbon tableaux which we transform into a dual equivalence graph, we give a combinatorial proof of the symmetry and Schur positivity(More)
The k-Schur functions were first introduced by Lapointe, Lascoux and Morse [18] in the hopes of refining the expansion of Macdonald polynomials into Schur functions. Recently, an alternative definition for k-Schur functions was given by Lam, Lapointe, Morse, and Shimozono [17] as the weighted generating function of starred strong tableaux which correspond(More)
A classic problem in enumerative combinatorics is to count the number of de-rangements, that is, permutations with no fixed point. Inspired by a recent generalization to facet derangements of the hypercube by Gordon and McMahon, we generalize this problem to enumerating derangements in the wreath product of any finite cyclic group with the symmetric group.(More)
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