Sami Elmadssia

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In this work, delay-dependent stability conditions for systems described by delayed differential equations are presented. The employment of a special transformation to another state space representation named Benrejeb characteristic arrow matrix permit to determine a practical asymptotic stability condition. An Illustrative example is presented permitting(More)
In this paper, the stabilizing regions of a first-order controller for an all pole system with time delay are determined via parametric methods. First, a necessary condition is used to determine the admissible ranges of one of the controllerpsilas parameters. Then, for a fixed value of this parameter the stabilizing regions in the remaining two parameters(More)
In this paper, new stability conditions for time delay system are proposed. They are based on the use of the aggregation techniques and the choice of a state representation as Benrejeb arrow form characteristic matrix. Application cases are treated to illustrate the implementation of the proposed approach.
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