Sami El Khatib

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PURPOSE To optimize photodynamic therapy (PDT) we investigated the kinetics and biodistribution of hexylester 5-aminolevulinate (hALA) induced protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) and the therapeutic efficacy of PDT at different drug and light doses in an orthotopic rat bladder tumor model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Healthy and tumor bearing rats were instilled(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the possibility of performing endoscopic fiber-optic confocal microscopy in a rat bladder model and we distinguished different cell types. MATERIAL AND METHODS Rhodamine 123 (Molecular Probes, Eugene, Oregon) (100 microM) was instilled for 30 minutes in 5 tumor bearing rat bladders (AY27). Five normal rats served as controls. A(More)
An ideal bladder tumor model consists in an orthotopic solitary tumor with a well-defined localization and stage, as well as unaltered normal mucosa. None of the existing models covers all these requirements. We have created a new model, suitable for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Female Fisher rats were divided into different groups according to(More)
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