Sami Berghäll

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Ageing, urbanization, and decreasing dependence of non-industrial private forest (NIPF) owners on forestry income have challenged the industrial timber supply of several developed countries in Europe and the US. NIPF ownership objectives have gradually also become more diverse in Finland, emphasizing the non-timber amenities of forests. The objective of(More)
Previous research on European forestry service markets is scarce and mainly focused on analysing external market environment and modelling of timber selling behaviour of non-industrial forest owners (NIPFs). In this study, we aim to create a broader understanding about business perspectives of forestry service markets covering the whole array of market and(More)
During the last ten years, a lot of the discussion within the marketing discipline has centred on concepts such as commitment and trust. These concepts are seen as critical explanatory structures of social bonding in both social-exchange theory (e.g., Rusbult 1979; Rempel, et. al. 1985) and relationship marketing (e.g., Morgan and Hunt 1994; Gundlach et al.(More)
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