Sami Alajrami

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Model Driven Engineering (MDE) considers models as a key artifact in software processes, and focus on the creation of models and transformations between them in order to (semi) automatically generate code. In this paper, we step back and consider the software process model itself as a key artifact that can be enacted and semi automated. We support our(More)
Executing software processes in the cloud can bring several benefits to software development. In this paper, we discuss the benefits and considerations of cloud-based software processes. EXE-SPEM is our extension of the Software and Systems Process Engineering (SPEM2.0) Meta-model to support creating cloud-based executable software process models. Since(More)
The cloud computing paradigm is being adopted by many organizations in different application domains as it is cost effective and offers a virtually unlimited pool of resources. Engineering critical systems can benefit from clouds in attaining all dependability means: fault tolerance, fault prevention, fault removal and fault forecasting. Our research aims(More)
Global software development (GSD) is a software development model where the development effort spans across distributed locations. Although GSD has gained vast popularity due to its economical benefits, it faces various challenges as a result of cultural, temporal and spatial distances. Cloud computing is becoming the norm for consuming computing resources(More)
Development of modern critical software requires stringent processes that are scalable, automated and support traceability between various artefacts. It is important that the processes ensure that all the development steps are fully documented. This paper proposes a software engineering architecture that supports the development of critical software by(More)
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