Sami Akbulut

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Fenofibrate, a fibric acid derivative, is used to treat diabetic dyslipidemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and combined hyperlipidemia, administered alone or in combination with statins. Rhabdomyolysis is defined as a pathological condition involving skeletal muscle cell damage leading to the release of toxic intracellular material into circulation. Its major(More)
Ranunculus arvensis (corn buttercup) is a plant species of the genus Ranunculus that is frequently used in the Far East to treat rheumatic diseases and several dermatological disorders. In Turkey, the plant is seen in the eastern and southeastern Anatolian highlands, which are underdeveloped areas of the country. Herein, we report three patients who used(More)
INTRODUCTION Sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (SEP) is characterized by partial or complete encasement of small intestine by a thick fibrocollagenous membrane. Depending on underlying causes, SEP is divided into primary and secondary forms. Idiopathic SEP is also called idiopathic or abdominal cocoon syndrome. Herein we presented a case of idiopathic(More)
Internal intestinal hernia has been defined as bulging of the intestines through a normal or an abnormal peritoneal or mesenteric opening. Paraduodenal hernias comprise 30%-53% of all internal intestinal herniations and account for 0.2%-0.9% of all bowel obstructions. In this paper, we aimed to present a male patient of 42 years of age who developed(More)
INTRODUCTION Female genital tuberculosis is a rare form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. It is an asymptomatic disease usually diagnosed during the search for causes of infertility. However, it can present with a number of abdominopelvic symptoms. Herein we report a case of tubo-ovarian tuberculosis mimicking acute appendicitis. CASE PRESENTATION A(More)
Acute chylous ascites is a rarely seen clinical picture, therefore, examination findings are often confused with acute appendicitis. To the best of our knowledge, there is no publication to date showing the occurrence of them together. This study presents the treatment plan for a 25-year-old male patient with both acute chylous ascites and appendicitis.(More)
INTRODUCTION Eosinophilic fasciitis is an uncommon disorder with unknown etiology and a poorly understood pathogenesis. We present the cases of two patients with eosinophilic fasciitis with unusual presentation, and describe the clinical characteristics and laboratory findings related to them. CASE PRESENTATION The first case involves a 29-year-old(More)
A surgical compress retained in the abdominal cavity following surgery is a serious problem. Here, we describe a 33-year-old female who was admitted with abdominal pain, vomiting, no passage of gas or feces, and abdominal distension for 3 days. She had a splenectomy at another medical center 4 years previously. An upright plain abdominal film revealed small(More)
BACKGROUND Living-donor liver transplantation with inferior vena cava resection and reconstruction is rarely indicated for Budd-Chiari syndrome. The aim of this case presentation was to present and discuss the inferior vena cava reconstruction with the use of cadaveric aortic allograft after resection of the suprahepatic inferior vena cava in a patient with(More)