Sami Achour

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With the aid of analysis software (Minitab 14.0), the formulation of pure culture in Mineral Salts Medium (MSM) can be optimized for several responses and the best formulation can be obtained. The influence of the different mixtures of three strains in the pure culture in MSM on the flavor components in decolorization of Methyl Red (with initial total cell(More)
Important pollutants in textile effluents are mainly recalcitrant organics, colours, toxicants and inhibitory compounds, surfactants, chlorinated compounds (AOX), pH and salts. An aerobic system using a continuous stirred bed reactor (SBR) was continuously operated at constant temperature and fed with textile wastewater (pH 7 and total chemical oxygen(More)
Multiresistant Gram-negative bacteria are the prime mover of nosocomial infections. Some are naturally resistant to antibiotics, their genetic makes them insensitive to certain families of antibiotics and they transmit these resistors to their offspring. Moreover, when bacteria are subjected to antibiotics, they eventually develop resistance against drugs(More)
Tamarix aphylla (L.) Karst. has a wide geographic distribution and was employed in traditional medicine as astringent, anti-rheumatic and to treat fever. T. aphylla leaves and stems extracts were studied from both chemical and biological points of view to assess the antidiabetic, anticholinesterase and antioxidant potential of this species. The HPLC/Diode(More)
We present in this paper a framework for performance prediction of parallel programs on hierarchical clusters. This framework is mainly designed for the use by the switching functions in parallel adaptive applications. Indeed, the principal referred objectives by this framework are the accuracy of the prediction and the rapidity of the prediction process.(More)
GPU-accelerated computing consists in using a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a CPU in order to enhance the performance of scientific and engineering applications. With the increasing spread of GPUs as hardware accelerators for scientific applications, several optimized linear algebra libraries have emerged to make use of this additional(More)
Performance is one of the key features of parallel and distributed computing systems. For that reason, a significant research effort was invested in the development of approaches in the area of performance modeling and prediction. Since many parallel applications from scientific computing use MPI communication operations to distribute or collect data, we(More)
There are several approaches for computing the inverse of a dense square matrix, say A, namely Gaussian elimination, block wise inversion, and LU factorization (LUF). The latter is used in mathematical software libraries such as SCALAPACK, PBLAS and MATLAB. The inversion routine in SCALAPACK library (called PDGETRI) consists, once the two factors L and U(More)
To improve biomass production and glucoamylase activity (GA) by Candida famata, culture conditions were optimized. A 2(3) full factorial design (FFD) with a response surface model was used to evaluate the effects and interactions of pH (X1 ), time of cultivation (X2 ), and starch concentration (X3 ) on the biomass production and enzyme activity. A total of(More)
Recent advances in parallel and distributed computing have made it very challenging for programmers to reach the performance potential of current systems. In addition, recent advances in numerical algorithms and software optimizations have tremendously increased the number of alternatives for solving a problem, which further complicates the software tuning(More)