Sami Abduljalil Abdulhak

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Due to the explosive proliferation of network security breaches and threats, major study and analysis should be implemented and performed to secure the confidentiality and privacy of data transmission against intrusions and attacks. The protection of data transmission is a crucial condition, which requires secure and robust detection system to ensure data(More)
With a rapid increase of online social network game users, many online games companies have built and developed different interesting games for user entertainments. Regardless of the wide proliferation of these interesting games, there is one significant factor tied with these games have been ignored or may have not been massively addressed and overhauled(More)
Automatic detection approaches depend essentially on the use of classifiers, that in turn are based on the learning of a given training set. The choice of the training data is crucial: even if this aspect is often neglected, the visual information contained in the training samples can make the difference in a detection/classification scenario. A good(More)
Several branches of computer vision heavily rely (but we could even say depend) on the availability of large datasets of labelled images. While such labeling is usually done by hand, a powerful help can be obtained from Internet and its related tools. In this paper we address the problem of automatically generating a set of images representing an object(More)
With the tremendous increase of online social network users, huge numerous of these users are fond of social network sites and that is due to the fact that these users feel like it is a place where they can be able to spend leisure time, openly share feelings, share ideas freely, and to search for new friends or partners. These web sites grant an(More)
In this paper, we attempt to simultaneously mix the user experience with the system development lifecycle to show the effectiveness of the application from usability perspectives and user experience, we build an application using three different development environments, namely, IBM DB2, Visual Basic, and MS Excel. The study reveals that spontaneous mixture(More)
Training sets of images for object recognition are the pillars on which classifiers base their performances. We have built a framework to support the entire process of image and textual retrieval from search engines, which, giving an input keyword, performs a statistical and a semantic analysis and automatically builds a training set. We have focused our(More)
Extracting information from social media has become a major focus of companies and researchers in recent years. Aside from the study of the social aspects, it has also been found feasible to exploit the collaborative strength of crowds to help solve classical machine learning problems like object recognition. In this work, we focus on the generally(More)
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