Sami A Taha

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To study the effect of praziquantel (PZQ) on successive generations of S. mansoni worms, infected mice were treated 6 weeks after infection with different doses of PZQ (300, 500 mg/kg.), the schistosome strain was originally obtained from an infected Egyptian patient. The eggs subsequently produced by worms that had survived the PZQ treatment were used to(More)
  • S A Taha
  • 1979
A community survey was undertaken in 14 villages in the Gezira farming region of the Sudan to determine the causes of malnutrition which is prevalent in the area. Low expenditure on food, poor housing conditions, and poor hygiene were found to result from low income. While the ultimate goal should be improvement of income, quicker results will accrue from(More)
Legionnaires disease continues to be underreported in the Middle East--a reflection of underdiagnosis, both clinically and by laboratory investigations. We draw the attention to this unusual cause of occasionally fatal, yet severe, pneumonia by reporting an immunocompromised infant who succumbed to Legionella pneumophila pneumonia. The urinary test for(More)
To study the effect of chemotherapy on concomitant immunity, mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni were treated after either 8 or 16 weeks of primary infection and challnged at different periods after treatment. Results were compared with infected un-treated groups of mice. It was found that in mice treated 8 weeks after infection the degree of protection(More)
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