Sami A. Mohamed

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After more than twenty years of programming and activism aimed at stemming the sexual transmission of HIV (and addressing the needs of those most vulnerable to infection) the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to grow worldwide. Taking up this concern, this paper argues that one of the reasons why HIV prevention has had limited success is because of inadequate(More)
The need for the improved implementation of Information Technology (IT) has been identified in both empirical and highly structured research studies as being critical to effective innovation and development at an industry and enterprise level. This need is greater in the construction industry as it has been relatively slow to embrace the full potential of(More)
A case of intraoperative recall and awareness in a patient with sickle cell disease who had received midazolam, 10 mg at induction of anesthesia, is reported. The patient was on opioids which may also have caused tolerance. Although the use of midazolam may have been judged to provide adequate amnesia, this was clearly not the case. Upon analysis of the(More)
Purpose: In order for the organizations to realize the full benefits of the application of IT, it is important for those who have to use the technology to accept it. Knowing what makes employees accept or resist to some technology is important so that the investment made on the IT application yields a good and satisfactory return. The study is to test the(More)
Hyperlipidemia is a common risk factor for atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and stroke especially in the elderly. The Objective of this study is to assess the Effects of Age and Gender on Plasma Total Cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol among Elderly Sudanese in Khartoum State. A community-based and case-control study was conducted in Khartoum State,(More)
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