Samet Vasfi Kuvat

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Secondary revisions due to deflation, flattening, and ptosis have been the major concerns after free-nipple breast reduction procedures. This study used a new modification of the standard technique known as the “bipedicled dermoglandular flap method” to reduce reoperation rates. A total of 24 patients were treated with the bipedicled dermoglandular(More)
Synovial chondromatosis is an uncommon condition, characterized by multinodular cartilagineous proliferation of the joint synovium. There are only a few case reports of synovial chondromatosis involving the hand in the literature. A case of synovial chondromatosis of the ring finger is reported in this paper.
Cross-over replantation is a salvage option for cases with bilateral extremity amputations where the wound conditions do not enable an orthotopic replantation. Here, we present a 24-year-old patient who applied to our center with bilateral transhumeral amputations. Due to the wound conditions, a cross-over replantation was performed. 24 months after the(More)
BACKGROUND The free nipple breast reduction method has certain disadvantages, such as nipple hyposensitivity, loss of lactation, and loss of projection. To eliminate these risks, the authors describe a patient-based breast reduction technique in which the major supplier vessels of the nipple-areola complex were determined by color Doppler ultrasonography.(More)
OBJECTIVE The ideal method, in reconstruction of circumferential tracheal defects more than 50% of the total tracheal length, is still a question. Current methods lack either in epithelial lining or in skeletal framework. In this study, we designed an axial biosynthetic prefabricated flap to reconstruct the circumferential tracheal defects in rabbits. (More)
BACKGROUND Although thoracodorsal artery perforator flaps have not gained popularity in the reconstructive era, the results of recent studies regarding the vascularity of thoracodorsal artery perforator flaps are promising. In the present study, the authors aimed to determine the clinical outcomes of free multiple-perforator versus single-perforator(More)
LigaSure™ is a new bipolar vascular sealing system commonly used in various fields of surgery. However, no reports have been published about its use in plastic surgery, particularly for endoscopic flap harvesting. In this study, we present the use of LigaSure in endoscope-assisted latissimus dorsi (LD) flap harvesting for breast reconstruction. Between 2006(More)
During septorhinoplasty procedures lacrimal drainage systems are susceptible to injury because of the close relationship of the nasal bones. Most of the injuries to the system remain asymptomatic. Here we report a case of septorhinoplasty which was complicated by acute dacryocystitis postoperatively. The patient was treated successfully with appropriate(More)
Drooling complicates many neurologic disorders including cerebral palsy. It is socially debilitating for the patient and very tedious for the caregiver. Surgical treatment consists mainly of ablative (excision/ligation) or physiological (diversion) methods; combined techniques have also been proposed. We have applied bilateral diversion of both(More)