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A series of pyrazole-3-carboxylic acid and pyrazole-3,4-dicarboxylic acid derivatives were synthesized, the structures were confirmed by their NMR ((1)H and (13)C) and FT-IR spectra, and elemental analyses. The antibacterial and antifungal activities of the compounds against five bacterial and five fungal pathogens were screened using modified agar well(More)
In this study, some novel inhibitors were synthesised from the further stage reactions of 4-benzoyl-1-(4-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3-carbonyl chloride with 5-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-sulphonamide 1 (inhibitor 1). They were characterised by elemental and spectral (¹H NMR, ¹³C NMR, IR) analyses. Human carbonic anhydrase isoenzymes (hCA-I and hCA-II)(More)
In the current study, a series of pyrazole-sulfonamide derivatives (2-14) were synthesized, characterized, and the inhibition effects of the derivatives on human carbonic anhydrases (hCA I and hCA II) were investigated as in vitro. Structures of these sulfonamides were confirmed by FT-IR, (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR and LC-MS analysis. (1)H NMR and (13)C NMR(More)
A series of 1-(3-substituted-phenyl)-5-phenyl-N(3),N(4)-bis(5-sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole-3,4-dicarboxamides (4-15) were synthesized. The structures of these pyrazole-sulfonamides were confirmed by FT-IR, (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR and elemental analysis methods. Human cytosolic carbonic anhydrase (CA, EC isozymes (hCA I and II) were(More)
OBJECTIVES Two new metal complexes, diaquabis(4-benzoyl-1,5-diphenyl-N-(5-sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide)cobalt(II) dihydrate (2) and diaquabis(ethyl-1-(3-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl-3-(5-sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylcarbamoyl)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylate)cobalt(II) monohydrate (4), containing sulfonamide have been synthesized by the(More)
Sulfonamides represent an important class of biologically active compounds. A sulfonamide possessing carbonic anhydrase (CA) inhibitory properties obtained from a pyrazole based sulfonamide, ethyl 1-(3-nitrophenyl)-5-phenyl-3-((5-sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)carbamoyl)-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylate (1), and its metal complexes with the Ni(II) for (2), Cu(II)(More)
In this study, a series of pyrazole-sulfonamide derivatives were designed and synthesized from 1-(4-aminophenyl)-4-benzoyl-5-phenyl-N-(5-sulfamoyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide (1). The newly synthesized sulfonamides were characterized by FT-IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and elemental analyses. The compounds were tested for their in vitro(More)
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