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Metatarsophalangeal joint dislocations are uncommon injuries. Herein, an irreducible dislocation of fifth metatarsophalangeal joint with fractures on the second, third, and fourth metatarsal head was reported. Joint reduction could not be achieved which necessitated open reduction. Six months after surgery the patient was walking and doing his daily(More)
Intermittent negative pressure wound therapy with instillation (NPWTi) is starting to be used successfully to treat early periprosthetic infections of endoprostheses. However, few articles have reported the outcome of treatment with intermittent NPWTi for late persistent periprosthetic infections of the hip. In this study, we report two cases who underwent(More)
Aplasia of the pubic bone associated with congenital hip dislocation is rare. Various dysmorphic conditions featuring absence or hypoplasia of the ischiopubic bone, associated with congenital hip dislocation, have been distinguished in the literature. We report the case of an 18-month-old boy with developmental dysplasia of the hip associated with isolated(More)
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