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The computational paradigm in Cognitive Science, which the AGI approach revives, provides a powerful methodology of examining human information processing by testing assumptions in computer simulations, and enables technical applications with human-like capabilities. Nevertheless, intensive in-terdisciplinary collaboration and the development of a holistic(More)
To examine the impact factors and mechanisms of the decision to switch to green electricity, we develop a socio-cognitive agent-based simulation. Following seminal research in the field of decision making we focus on emotion and social norms as core mechanisms in consumer decisions. A survey of possible consumers provides the information how to calibrate(More)
In this paper we show how simple simulation scenarios can be used to develop and test foundational functionalities of cognitive architectures, exemplified with the SiMA architecture. We present an interdisciplinary methodology that considers the challenges in capturing and evaluating basic functionalities of the human mind. In this regard, we structure and(More)
This paper addresses psychologists – psychoanalysts in particular – and engineers, as well as others with an interest in technology and a proclivity for critical thinking. We hope to grasp the attention of persons who are skeptical or even uneasy with regard to modern electronic machines. It is important to realize that the mathematician and information(More)
An autonomous agent must know where it is, which objects are in the nearby surrounding area and where it can find already seen, far away objects. On the basis of the existing cognitive architecture Simulation of Mental Apparatus and Applications (SiMA) at the Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) we show, how cognitive architectures can get extended by(More)
—In a cognitive architecture, decision-making is the task that processes information from sensor data and stored knowledge to get appropriate action plans and actuator commands. Its aim is to make a decision in a given situation based upon available options and current goals of the system. In this paper, the decision-making process of the cognitive(More)