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—In this paper, we propose a comprehensive framework for mining Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks (WASNs), which is able to extract patterns regarding the sensors' behaviors. The main goal of determining behavioral patterns is to use them to generate rules that will improve the WASN's Quality of Service by participating in the resource management process or(More)
— With the advances of wireless sensor networks and their ability to generate a large amount of data, data mining techniques to extract useful knowledge regarding the underlying network have recently received a great deal of attention. However, the stream nature of the data, the limited resources, and the distributed nature of sensor networks bring new(More)
Recently, association rules for sensors have received a great deal of attention due to their importance in capturing the temporal relations between sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Because of this capability, these rules can be used to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) of wireless sensor networks by participating in the resource(More)
Recently, we have witnessed a growing interest in the study of service discovery in vehicular networks that guarantee QoS to service requesters. To the best of our knowledge, none of the existing service discovery protocols in Vehicular Networks have been provided in the literature that guarantee QoS to service requesters nd to the Vehicular Network. For(More)
—Recently, Knowledge Discovery Process has proven to be a promising tool for extracting behavioral patterns regarding sensor nodes from wireless vehicular ad hoc and sensor networks. In this paper, we propose a new type of behavioral patterns, which we refer to as Coverage-based Rules, to discovers the correlation among the set of locations monitored by the(More)